Randy Castillo documentaire in de maak
'Uncommon Passage: the Life, Blood, and Rhythm of Randy Castillo'
On Stage 19-03-2007 15:22
'Uncommon Passage: The Life, Blood, and Rhythm of Randy Castillo', is een documentaire over het leven en werk van drummer Randy Castillo. Op 26 maart 2002 stierf Randy aan de gevolgen van kanker en de afgelopen jaren is er gewerkt aan een film over zijn persoon. Randy was behalve een van de grootste rockdrummers ooit, ook iemand die graag mensen hielp: hij kocht instrumenten voor kinderen die graag muziek wilden maken maar het niet konden betalen.Producer Mike Bell reisde door de US op zoek naar materiaal voor de film en interviewde veel artiesten waar Randy mee gespeeld heeft. In dit (Engelstalige) interview vertelt Mike over dit unieke project en wat we kunnen verwachten van de documentaire.

A documentary about Randy Castillo, who came up with the idea and when did the project take real form?

It was during Randy’s funeral in Los Angeles that Chris, Randy's sister, suggested that maybe someone should create a documentary about her brother. At that point, I told her that I would certainly look into it. I had taken some film courses in college and produced a few short films. I said that if we were going to do this we would have to have 100% support from the family. We wanted to set up a foundation, so after talking further with Chris I came up with 'Eighteen Lights foundation', named after all of the eighteens in Randy’s life, and there were many.

What would you say is the purpose of the documentary, besides showing Randy's life?

The purpose of the documentary is to continue one of Randy's greatest passions. Randy would go and buy drum kits and other instruments for kids that had an interest in music but couldn't afford to purchase their own instruments. So big hearted Randy wanted them to be able to pursue their dreams or possible musical talents and he didn't want cash to stand in their way.

What kind of footage can people expect in the documentary?

The footage we went after was footage that we had never before seen in a rock documentary. We purposely wanted to shoot it in digital video; we wanted that look, that run-and-gun shooting style, raw footage, sweaty backstage shots but not glorified in any way. Some interviews were shot moments after coming off stage with sweat and stage make-up running. The thread that we've never seen before in a music documentary is the drummer/bass player relationship and how they work together musically. We will be exploring this in the film.

We have traveled all across the US and interviewed the very best in the rock music scene. Those who actually played with Randy and those that didn't but really wanted to. We have Nikki Sixx (Mötley Crüe), Matt Sorum (Guns 'n' Roses), Rikki Rocket (Poison), Mike Inez (Alice in chains), and Billy Sheehan (BX3) just to name a few.

As we all know Randy's history, to what extend will we see his personality and his private life in it?

We intend to focus on in the film, its the human side of Randy and his connection with others, his influences on them and his awesome drumming style. Also his musical collaboration with each bass player that he jammed with during his career and, of course, his legacy and the young drummers he continues to influence today.

Trick question: Are there any real personal things that you had to leave out?

We shot this film purposely on mini DV to give it that reality feel. We will uncover Randy's life fully, its all about an honest look at the life of Randy Castillo and how his story is a positive influence to all.

Will the audience get involved in the process Randy had to go through at the end of his life?

We will be touching on all aspects of Randy’s life and how he stepped up to meet every challenge that would come his way.

Will the Randy Castillo Foundation be supported by the revenues of the documentary?

Yes, the sole purpose of the foundation is to disperse all revenues obtained by the film for the musical education of underprivileged children, Summer music camps, music scholarships, instruments and all that we can do more.

Talking about the Foundation, are there any other special projects running now?

The foundation was created for this film and all of our resources are now spent on this production.

Just some technical and marketing info for the drummers out there: where and when will they be able to see the documentary in cinemas?

The film is scheduled for release in cinema venues and we'll be releasing it in selected film festivals all across the United States and Europe (Europe Fall 2008). On our website you will read every update we have about all locations and dates.

More information will be posted on the documentary web site: www.uncommonpassage.com. Of course you will find a link to Randy's web site as well.

Trailer of 'Uncommon Passage: the Life, Blood, and Rhythm of Randy Castillo'

Randy Castillo speelde onder andere met Lita Ford, Mötley Crüe, Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath en L.A. Guns. Hij tourde met deze artiesten door de VS en de rest van de wereld. Op zijn artist page vind je een compleet overzicht van zijn releases.

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