In de fameuze serie Zildjian LIVE deze keer JD Beck (Featuring DOMi), met de band van Robert Sput Searight
Zildjian LIVE! Season 2, Episode 4: JD Beck (Featuring DOMi)
Written By: JD Beck and DOMi
Arranged By: Robert Sput Searight
Performed By: JD Beck, DOMi and G

Zildjian LIVE Season 2 represents the energy and passion that’s generated when you bring together artists from around the world for a true Zildjian Family Experience!

Season 2 is hosted by Aaron Spears, musically directed by Robert “Sput” Searight and features the band Ghost-Note!

JD's Cymbal Setup:
8" A Custom Splash (on snare 1)
10" A Custom Splash and 6" K Splash (stack)
6" A Custom Splash (on snare 2)
16" K Constantinople Crashes (as HiHats)
17" K Constantinople Crash
10" Vintage A Splash (on snare 3)

Zildjian LIVE! Season 2 Schedule:
Episode 1: Matt Greiner – April
Episode 2: Sarah Thawer – May
Episode 3: Marcus Gilmore – June
Episode 4: JD Beck – July
Episode 5: Stanton Moore – August
Episode 6: Ash Soan – September
Episode 7: Gergo Borlai – October
Episode 8: Dennis Chambers- November

Ghost-Note Band:
Robert Sput Searight - music director/keyboards
Nathaniel Werth- percussion
Dywane “MonoNeon” Thomas Jr. - bass
Sylvester Onyejiaka – baritone sax, flute
Jonathan Mones – alto sax, flute
Mike Jelani Brooks – tenor saxophone, flute
Xavier Taplin – keyboards
Peter Knudsen – guitar
Mike Clowes - guitar

Featuring Special Guest: DOMi on Keyboards

Audio Engineers:
Kevin Majorino
Tyler Shields

Sphere Audio Assistants:
Matt Cerritos
Xavier Stephenson
Daniel Morris

Audio Mixer:
Ben Burget at 206 Studios

Audio Mastering:
Dave Donnelly at DNA Mastering

Trevor Bowman
Scott Quade
Dean Fisher
Evan Chapman
Kevin Eikenberg
Taylor Davis
Mark Wessels

Ian Grom

Special thanks to:
Sphere Studios and Mackenzie Coats
Livemix for providing the monitoring system
Earthworks for providing the microphones

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Hoe word je een goed drums-bas tandem - Julia en Simon laten je het zien en oren!
Een video van Thomann: How to lead a band as a drummer | Drum and Bass | Free Lesson

In this video Julia and i like to show you how you can influence your band mates
and lead your band with different playing approaches. It was super interesting how you react on someone elses playing. Check it out! Cheers Simon

Julia's & Simon's gear of choice:

Interesting bits and pieces:
0:00 Introduction
0:18 Intro Jam
0:29 What exactly is it all about?
1:02 Uhhhh. that groove!
1:51 How did it affect Julia's playing?
2:49 Other instruments can affect your drumming
3:08 How tone length changes the feel of a groove
3:49 What happend with Simon
4:51 What's your favorite out of the tone length examples?
5:45 The very first impro jam on thomann's drum bash

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Els Drumcam! Bij Frenna in de Ziggo Dome - 16 juli 2020!
YXGNLE FT FRENNA X 777BAND - Wat is je naam

Frenna gaf op 16 Juli een geweldige headline show in de Ziggo Dome Voor de mensen die hebben gemist, kijk hier vanuit Els

PS: Timothy Bennet is the DrumTech! much love to him!
And Boyd Gijbels: Playback! (sequence)
Live audio mixing : Shakil Bholasing, SBProductionz
Bass/Synth bass: Rushan West
Keys: Djuwney
Drums: Emmanuel Afriyie (Els)
DJ: Jayh Martina
Dance: 777babes

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#frenna #777band #watisjenaam #largerthan #ziggodome
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Emmanuel Afriyie workshop tijdens de Bax e-Days, mei 2020
The World of Gospel Chops with Els | Bax Music

Tijdens deze livestream legt Emmanuel Afriyie a.k.a. Els je uit hoe hij gospelchops in zijn spel toepast. Voor veel me
nsen is het ingewikkeld, maar het is makkelijker dan het lijkt. Gewoon blijven oefenen!
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Dom Famularo interviewt David Garibaldi in zijn serie The Sesions
DAVID GARIBALDI - Drummer of the Funk and and Soul band Tower of Power

David's worked with & references many of the greats of this industry to know and study! Lear
ning & playing various genres of music helped him become a hybrid of all the things he liked. "If you know you have a choice, you own the outcome!"

Thank you for subscribing & sharing our channel to Empower more Artists! The Sessions Panel, a non--profit 501 (c)(3) of Entertainment business professionals & our Artist Series & At A Distance interviews with Dom Famularo share music industry knowledge to musicians & artists worldwide!! The panel events include Entertainment Law, Marketing, Networking, Artist Relations & Motivational skills and experiences from professionals and experts who have been "on the road" and are successful in the industry. The interviews share tips, exclusive background information from Artists in the music industry and the importance of knowing music history. We appreciate your support of what this fantastic non-profit organization does to Empower musicians! for more information
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Simon van Thomann laat drie manieren zien hoe je kan oefenen met een metronoom
3 ways to practice with a metronome | Drum Lesson

You all might know the problem of rushing in a drum fill or slowing down by playing a groove over a long period of
time? Today i’d like to show you 3 creative ways to improve your inner timing and how it can be fun to practice with a metronome. These exercises will help you to become a better timekeeper behind the drum set. Enjoy this video! I see you again next wednesday with a new one!

Products used in this video:

Interested in more of Simon's lessons?:

Watch Ash Soan, Marco Minnemann or Simon perform to music and check their timing:

Interesting bits and pieces:
0:00 Introduction
0:18 Little Drumsolo
0:31 What's it a ll about
1:01 The Metronome i always use to practice
1:20 Exercise 1 - Play with the click
1:30 Little App Tutorial
2:44 8th Note Subdivision with 8th Note Fills
4:01 Exercise 2 - How Consistent is your timing
4:07 The mighty Metronome
5:11 Do i have the same one as my metronome?
6:46 Exercise 3 - Clicksound on the "a"
8:20 The most difficult exercise to play with

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Zakir Hussain & Marcus Gilmore - docu over hun samenwerking
Rolex doet leuke dingen met haar marketing - met de timing van dit tabla-drums duo zit het wel goed in ieder geval. Volg de heren in New York en India!

Zakir Hussai
n and Marcus Gilmore, Rolex Mentor and Protégé in Music, 2018-2019

Indian tabla virtuoso Zakir Hussain and young American drummer Marcus Gilmore believe that creating music must be based on keeping the past but also exploring new possibilities. Gilmore found himself, to his delight, performing with Hussain, and being encouraged to compose his first piece for orchestra. Discover more

Created in 2002, the Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative is an international programme that identifies gifted young artists in a variety of disciplines and pairs them with artistic masters for a period of mentoring and creative collaboration, helping ensure that the world’s artistic heritage is passed on to the next generation.
#RolexMentorProtege #Perpetual
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De Drummersdag - Interview Mario Goossens - door Keymusic's Nadesh Lighthart
Bekijk het verslag van de Drummersdag 2020 in het Muziekpakhuis te Amsterdam (Nederland) met speciale gasten Cesar Zuiderwijk (Golden Earring, Sloper), Fred Cohen, Maarten Diesfeldt, Stefan Kruger en een uitgebreid interview met Mario Goossens, drummer van Triggerfinger & Sloper.

De Drummersdag is een project van Slagwerkkrant en Fred Cohen, mede mogelijk gemaakt door KEYMUSIC.

Meer info of op zoek naar drums en accessoires? Bezoek één van onze Keymusic stores of onze webshop via

All rechten voorbehouden behalve Colossus & Let it Ride (backing track) - Triggerfinger.
Abonneer je nu op ons YouTube-kanaal en win fantastische prijzen!
Ontdek meer info en/of test/koop één of meerdere van deze producten in jouw Keymusic store. Met meer dan 20 muziekwinkels in België, Nederland en Frankrijk is Keymusic jouw muziekwinkel met het grootste aanbod en waar we je met open armen ontvangen.
Onze website:
Vanaf nu is er KeyTV. Jouw muziekkanaal van Keymusic met heel wat info, tips, reviews, previews, interviews en veel meer. Je kan ook fantastische prijzen winnen, meedoen aan leuke acties, wedstrijden én er zijn heel wat promoties op de producten die je in ons programma kan zien. Abonneer je dus zeker (en klik op het belletje) en je mist niks van KEYTV!
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Steve Gadd speelde 29 februari in Bimhuis Amsterdam met Hermine Deurlo
Integraal concert!

‘Recording an album with Steve Gadd was like a dream come true’, says Hermine Deurloo about Riverbeast, a mix of Americana, rhythm-and-
blues, pop, jazz and soul, composed with Steve Gadd’s drum style in mind. Steve Gadd is part of music history from the 1970s up until the present. His drumming graced countless albums of major stars, including Aretha Franklin, Paul Simon, Eric Clapton, James Taylor, Rickie Lee Jones, Steely Dan, Chick Corea and Al Jarreau.
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Thomann's Drum Bash Gear Check - Gretsch Brooklyn Jazz Shell Set
Op het nieuwe Youtube-kanaal van Thomann vind je allerlei video's over gear en over drums leren spelen. Hier belicht Simon de Gretsch Brooklyn Jazz Shell Set.

: "I played it in 3 different tunings and it´s really stunning what sound you can get out of this drumset. Especially the 18" kick sounds huge! Let me know which of the different tunings is your favorite and what you think about this kit. It´s also available in a Rock shell set. Cheers Simon"

"Product used:
Jazz Shell Set:

Rock Shell Set:

Interesting bits and pieces:
0:00 Intro
0:13 High tuning
0:53 Some more payling in high tuning
3:22 Medium tuning
4:19 Some more grooving
6:27 Low tuning

Twitter: @thomann

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