Exclusief interview met Madball-drummer Rigg Ross
On Stage 29-10-2005 16:28
Rigg Ross speelde onder meer met Hatebreed, Skarhead en Rag Men. De drummer maakt momenteel deel uit van Madball. De legendarische hardcoreband bracht onlangs "Legacy" uit, het eerste studio-album in vijf jaar, en tourt momenteel door Europa. Een uitestekende aanleiding om de Madball-drummer eens het muzikale hemd van het Engelstalige lijf te vragen.Drummerszone: Can you tell us a bit about how you started and your early influences?

Rigg Ross:
I never received lessons, I'm fully self-taught. When I started playing drum it were John Bonham, Igor Cavalera and Dave Lombardo who delivered musical inspiration. Nowadays I would name Kenny Schalk (Candiria) and Paulie Antignani (Sworn Enemy) as musical heroes.

Looking back at all the different bands, recordings sessions, tours, etc, what has made the most impression on you as a musician?
I think touring with Hatebreed: that was my first real job. It taught me about life on the road and how fun and at the same time how hard it can be.

What have you learned from playing with Madball? You were already quite experienced when you joined them.
I have learned a lot about discipline, playing more in the pocket and grooving more. Being a good drummer is not all about speed and being crazy technical. Madball is all about feel and control for me. Canít play it too fast, canít play it too slow. It's got to be just right.

You have played with Hatebreed. Why did you decide to depart this successful band?
We simply had different interests.

Could you tell us a bit more about Madballís latest album "Legacy"?
I loved playing on this album. I got to do what I wanted to do without going crazy. Nothing flashy at all just straight forward beats, just like Madball. In the future I would like to learn better technique with playing and learn more theory though. We recorded it at Planet Z Studios in Hadley, which is my favorite studio to track drums for sure!

Hardcore seems to be a true passion for you. What is it that you feel so attracted to in this music?
The realness and the attitude. I came from a metal background when I was a kid and then hardcore came along and it was more up-close and personal. I could relate more. It was angry, and I liked that.

Madball is a legendary band, signed to Roadrunner and probably selling quite a lot of records. Does that help you to get endorsements?
Of course, although, most of my endorsements just came from knowing somebody who knows somebody. Or you just click with a company that is happy to endorse you.

What do your colleague drummers think of you?
I guess the like me? I hope! A lot of my friends are drummers and we all give each other support. You got to.

What are your plans for the near future?
It's quite hard with all the touring but hopefully to start a family if all goes right.

Last question: can you tell us something surprising about yourself?
I'm a professional snake charmer.
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