Steve MacDonald overleden
Artist news 21-04-2003 23:27
Steve Macdonald, drummer van de Canadese deathmetalband Gorguts, heeft een einde gemaakt aan zijn leven door zichzelf op te hangen. De officiŽle mededeling (24-10-02) van Gorguts zanger/gitarist Luc Lemay:

"Steve MacDonald took his own life last week, he was 31. We invite everyone to visit the guestbook to leave your messages of condolences and support for the MacDonald family and the members of Gorguts.

[...]It's with great sadness that I write these words for you Steve, my acolyte, my accomplice, my friend. Your talent hit me the first time that I heard you play. Your talent can resume you. It's also that talent that fed my musical flame for almost a decade.

We both lived great experiences and magical were the moments when we've put our sense of creation together. Steve Cloutier and myself will always keep a great memory of you close in our heartsÖ how great a musician you were.

Volgens het Britse metalmagazine Powerplay, vocht Steve al jarenlang vergeefs tegen een hardnekkige depressie.

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