Ron Lipnicki needs your support
Hades-drummer fights cancer
Artist news 26-07-2003 13:32
As many of you already know through other sources, Ron Lipnicki, drummer in metalband Hades, is battling testicular cancer these days.Hereīs a little update from his bandmate Dan Lorenzo via their recordlabel Metal Blade (early July, 2003):
"Ron had this huge operation two weeks ago to remove the cancerous tumour. They were concerned they might have to remove one of his kidneys. It was supposed to be a 4 hour operation - it took 10 hours. They saved his kidney. He was in hospital 4 days. They just took staples out of his chest 3 days ago. Bad news, the MRI showed more cancerous cells where tumour was and now he needs more chemo. So sad, but he still sounds positive. He's bummed he has to go to chemo again because his hair was starting to grow back. He's only 32....

I'm taking him to see Twisted Sister reunion Thursday. Me, him and Jimmy were jamming Kiss songs, Ron was playing as great as ever. We had hoped that after this operation that would be it, they told him 2 months before he could play drums I don't know. He's such a great kid, so much fun to jam with. He knows SO many songs, all different kinds of music."

It's Ron's personal wish to spread the news around. If you want to write and support Ron, feel free to contact him at

Letīs wish him all the best that he will be back in best shape soon!

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