Terry Bozzio terug met de Brecker Brother

Heavy Metal Bebop in de herkansing in Zoetermeer

Artist news 18-05-2014 15:04

'Brecker Brothers Band Reunion - The Heavy Metal Bebop Tour', zo heet het project officieel, dat op donderdag 17 juli te zien zal zijn in De Boerdrij in Zoetermeer. Behalve trompettist Randy Brecker zijn drie oorspronkelijke leden van die beroemde albumsessie uit 1978 van de partij: drummer Terry Bozzio, gitarist Barry Finnerty en bassist Neil Jason. De plaats van de in 2007 overleden Michael Brecker wordt ingenomen door Ada Rovatti, sinds 2001 Randy Brecker's vrouw.

In 1978 Mike and Randy toured with Frank Zappa and played with Terry Bozzio. Impressed by his performance, they invited him a few months later to join them on stage for a couple of shows. The sheer quality of these shows made the record company decide to release the live recordings on a record called “Heavy Metal Bebop”, which turned out to be their best selling album. In the nineties the band released two albums: Return of the Brecker Brothers (1994) and Out of the Loop (1994). The latter won them a double Grammy. Their collaboration ended when Michael sadly passed away in 2007. In 2013 Randy decided it was time to form a Brecker Brothers Band Reunion, in remembrance of his brother as well as other departed members of The Breckers Brothers Band, and a new album, The Brecker Brothers Band Reunion, was released.