De echte reden waarom Paul Bostaph Slayer verliet
Artist news 23-04-2003 23:52
Paul Bostaph heeft eindelijk de stilte rondom zijn vertrek uit Slayer verbroken. De drummer stapte in december 2001 uit de band en werd daar vervangen door Slayer's oorspronkelijke vellenmepper Dave Lomabardo.Een persbericht namens Slayer noemde een chronische elleboogblessure als reden van Bostaphs vertrek. Ook gingen er stemmen op dat Paul Slayer had verlaten om in Systematic te kunnen spelen. Beide argumenten kloppen niet, aldus Paul zelf.

Aan Perfect Pitch Online (23-04-03) verklaarde Paul Bostaph dat hij gewoon toe was aan nieuwe muzikale uitdagingen:

"I didn't leave Slayer because of an arm problem, and I certainly didn't leave Slayer to join Systematic. I was ready to go. It was nothing personal towards anybody in the band, it was just my time to leave. Musically, I wanted to do something else. And in terms of the problem I had with my arm, I re-aggravated an old softball injury by lifting up a laptop at the airport. That happened right at the beginning of the tour, and it never had time to heal. But even at that point, I was considering moving on from the band. Slayer's a great band, and I had a lot of fun playing with them, but I have to feel like I'm taking chances musically. The first time I left Slayer, I did [a project called] The Truth About Seafood sure, it never got signed, but I enjoyed it a lot. Slayer took my drumming to a new level, but there are also other levels of drumming that I haven't even touched yet. I want to become a more eclectic drummer."

Alle fans van Paul Bostaph opgelet: Systematic's "Pleasure To Burn", is onlangs uitgekomen op Elektra Records.

Bovendien komt Paul binnenkort met een eigen instructievideo en zitten er enkele clinics in het verschiet...

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