Paiste 2002 cymbals: Ready to make history. Again.
Merknieuws 19-04-2005 14:04
Paiste announces a major reorganization to its professional class of cymbals as the company undertakes a considerable expansion of the 2002 series, withdraws the Dimensions series from the market, and re-launches the Giant Beat after three decades of dormancy.2002 cymbals were introduced in 1971 to address the sound needs of the new and exploding genres of electrified Rock music. In the past three decades, Rock music has undertaken a tremendous expansion of stylistic variety. In the late 1990ís and early 2000ís, Rock is returning to the exploration of the textures and dynamics of its origins, which coincide with the era of the launch of the 2002. As scores of drummers rediscover the timeless sound of 2002, Paiste is seeing a tremendous increase in demand for 2002 cymbals.

As the 2002ís resurging popularity even eclipses the critical acclaim for the Dimensions series, Paiste is compelled to recognize the tremendous resilience of the 2002 series in the context of popular music. In 2005, Paiste therefore once again makes the 2002 a core series for the future. The best and most innovative Dimensions models are incorporated into a newly expanded 2002, adding current trend cymbal sound to this venerable line, and thereby making it a very up-to-date series with a vast choice of cymbal sounds.

Perhaps the most tantalizing expression of Paisteís renewed emphasis on the 2002 family of cymbals is the 2005 re-launch of the legendary Giant Beat, the predecessor of the 2002 series that was first introduced in 1967. With their big yet sensitive sound, their unique looks, and decidedly vintage character, they are sure to arouse considerable interest among drummers.

Selected Ex-Exotic/Percussion models also join the 2002 series as a result of the reorganization of Paisteís overall cymbal program.

To celebrate the renewed emphasis on the 2002 series, Paiste is issuing a 48-page booklet that recounts the history of the 2002 family of cymbals in its context of the history of Rock music. The booklet also highlights the tremendous drummers who have used 2002 family cymbals along the way.

2002 and Giant Beat cymbals are entirely made by hand in Switzerland using traditional methods that have remained unchanged in over half a century.